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Neverwinter Wood - Dorn & Riardon Empty Neverwinter Wood - Dorn & Riardon

on Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:42 am
It is midday. Dorran and Balven have abandoned you. After ingesting the sickly black sap, Dorn is experiencing exhaustion as well as being injured by necrotic damage. Riardon fared better, though he suffered a momentary paralysis. Both Dorn and Riardon received the same vision of a sickly, rotted grove with a singularly vulgar tree in the center. Beyond the grove, a stone monolith reaches towards the sky.

Though it has not been a particularly enjoyable journey through the woods thus far, Dorn received another vision of a hut on riverside, and knows the most direct route to said hut. The party will be able to reach the abode by nightfall.

A strong stench hangs heavy on the air, and as the party continues their trek westward, it only grows stronger.
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