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Dice Roller Information

on Tue May 15, 2018 9:23 am
Hey everyone,

Go here -> Dice Roller

1. Register a username (don't use any personal info, all this stuff is public)
2. When it's your turn in combat, use the dice roller to roll your dice. Use Bear's SKT as the campaign name, and enter your character name and who they are attacking as the description.

The dice roller looks like this-

The roll history looks like this-

As you can see, you can view the roll history of EVERYONE who uses this website. However, you can click on the campaign name (for us, Bear's SKT), and view only that campaign's rolls.

Once everyone has logged in, I will post the initiative order on here and we will start the battle. Try to keep random chatter to a minimum, so that the forum is primarily a battle log. Feel free to private message or text each other to orchestrate battle tactics and stuff.

Also, you do not have to post a screenshot of your rolls or anything, just say who you are attacking and what you rolled and stuff.

If this doesn't work we will forget about it, but figured it was worth a shot.
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